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Ken Wright Cellars!

Ken Wright Cellars is a company with purpose. We are determined not only to make quality Pinot Noir that connects people to place, but we are committed to connecting to the people and place in which we live. When Ken Wright Cellars moved to the small rural community of Carlton, Oregon in 1994, it became the first winery in a town built on traditional agriculture. Most of the families in Carlton had been living and working the land here for generations; the Wright’s were “the new kids on the block.” What Ken and Karen admired most about Carlton was that it was a community in the true sense of the word, a place where people with a rich history of supporting one another working toward a greater good. To become a part of this rich network of people, the Wrights needed to build a business and produce a product that could be defined by the same values. Now, with all the members of Ken Wright Cellars deeply rooted in community, rejoice in knowing that with every bottle, glass or taste you enjoy of Ken Wright Cellars, you are helping to provide much needed support to not only the families of Carlton and Yamhill, but well beyond.  Your support allows the substantial volunteerism and charitable giving of Ken Wright Cellars. This makes you a significant part of our Ken Wright Cellars family, and we thank you! 

 Annual Company Volunteer Hours: 7,881

Starting in 2018, Ken Wright Cellars launched a new charity donation program, established to enable each of our team members an opportunity to select and support an organization with which they have a personal connection. Each quarter a different charitable organization will be featured. This quarter, our featured employee is Karly Sims. Karly has selected the Yamhill-Carlton High School Music Department as this quarter's featured charity. 20% of the sales of our monthly featured vineyard will be donated to Y-C Music!

March Featured Vineyard
2015 Bonnie Jean Vineyard Pinot Noir

$62.50 $57

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Why did Karly select the Yamhill-Carlton Music Program as this quarter's designated charity?

"Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common." — Sarah Dessen

Of all the things in my life that bring joy and community, music is on top of that list. I have loved music since I can remember. We are not all artists, but we should all take time to create, and music provides that creative space for me.

I have chosen for this quarters' funds to support the music students of Yamhill-Carlton High School. Most school districts often struggle to support the arts. Small schools, like Y-C, battle this challenge as well. My wish is for every child to be able to experience music, and for those who love music, have the ability to further their musical education beyond what a school district can provide.

The funds raised this quarter will go to a special scholarship fund created for students to apply for and then attend music camps that will further develop their skills and love for the art of music. Throughout the months of January, February and March, Ken Wright Cellars will be donating 20% of the sales from our featured wine for this cause. I invite you to raise your glass in support of the arts, both in the creation of world-class wine and of music.

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